Weekly Gong Vibrational Healing Sessions with Guru Purkh Kaur

I’m speechless… I am in such a good place right now. Sending you my eternal gratitude for your gift of the Gong. I’m off to bask in the beauty of the island with a grounded yet elevated perspective. Mahalo and Love!

~Shana (from a recent Gong Healing Session on Kauai)

Weekly Gong Vibrational Healing

Enjoy this 3 part event to learn about a technology to assist you in making life changes, and:

Join Guru Purkh’s weekly vibrational healing with the gong session in Princeville’s Community Center!

The “gong” alters your magnetic field, so you can:

  • Re-energize
  • Rebalance & Clear your chakras
  • Create a shift  in your life

Weekly Vibration Healing Sessions Details

Weekly sessions are offered on Monday and Tuesday nights in Princeville, HI on Kauai’s beautiful north shore.  Please check day for correct location before coming!


WHEN:  7:20-8:30pm

WHERE:  Princeville Community Center Center

(*Take a right before the main road.  The PCC is the yellow building on the right)

Registration Details

Pre-Register Now!

  • $15 / person
  • Limited seating, up to 12 People
  • Bring a pillow!

Call 1-(480) 244-7676 or send and email via the Contact page.