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Your reality is based on your consciousness.
Conscious breathing leads to conscious living.
We share ancient breathing techniques with every client and this is why we are so confident we can empower you………..because we are going to give you the tools for empowerment.

In this section we discuss 4 topics:

  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Healthy Thoughts
  • New Habits

The number one breathing essential is long deep breathing with a 5 second inhale and a 5 second exhale.Most Americans are using only ten percent of their lung capacity. By learning true long deep breathing you will : improve your nervous system , your circulatory system , gives you clarity of thought and overall balance.

Meditation is the only activity I know which will give you more  time in your day.
HOW? When you have an ongoing daily meditation your become more intuitive  and you will have better decision making and be clear on what needs to be done. Many people join me on retreat because they know they want an on going daily meditation. You will learn anywhere from 10 to 13 meditations during the retreat ( or at least 2 in your private session ) and this is the beginning of conscious living.

A basic meditation that can help anyone is the meditation to Relieve anxiety:

  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • thumb and index finger are touching
  • breathe in a 4 part equal inhale
  • exhale in 2 equal parts
  • Continue for 5 minutes , then notice how you feel

nd Meditation: “long sat nam“

  • The hand mudra, position is the same as above
  • Inhale and chant “ sat “ for 7 parts,
  •  as you exhale chant “nam” for 2 parts
  • This meditation you are using this “bij mantra” for cleansing your chakras and a feeling of inner calm. Practice for 5 minutes every day, 40 days straight.

Healthy Thoughts:

Step one is becoming aware of your thoughts and the programming that is going on within you . Everyone has negative mind, positive mind an neutral mind and as yogis we learn to cultivate the neutral mind.

When you stop to analyze your thoughts you may notice the non beneficial ones. The wonderful side effect of a daily meditation and yoga at least twice a week is your consciousness will gracefully shift.

In Kundalini yoga , we have over 600 yoga sets and over 500 meditations. This ancient yoga,over 5,000 years old is a complete science that can give you  tools to be happy and healthy in modern society.

Here are some examples of the Types of meditations you will learn:

  • For healing
  • For restful sleep
  • To release anger
  • To open the heart chakra
  • For positivity
  • For attracting new friends
  • For prosperity
  • To conquer any imagined disabilities
  • To balance the hemispheres of the brain
  • To release past relationships
  • For protection
  • To be Fearless
  • Calling in your true partner
  • For clear answers on your life

You can also learn these via a Private session via telephone; call 1-480-244-7676 to schedule a time or : Email:

New habits:

How can you set in motion new, healthy habits? The patterns in place have often been operating for decades. You are a cellular and energetic being. After 40 days all the cells in your body have changed and when you have coupled with that a 40 day meditation, you are a new energetic being !

You are now able to receive new information and implement new changes, all with ease and grace . One of the most rewarding aspects of empowering others is seeing the change in their lives.

By just adding one new habit if a daily 5 minute meditation, you can be changing your eating and drinking patterns, because healthy choices will resonate with you . Life becomes effortless.

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