November Newsletter

Crystal Singing Bowls

The best Holiday gift ever!

Videos below...
Please Listen with Headphones for an immersive experience!
1. "Mana bowl"
Translation of mana = spiritual power This Obsidian bowl removes any negativity , enhances protection & has been known as the "bowl of the High Priestess" for Hawaiians. Obsidian is a bridge for connecting with infinity & the spirit worlds. In an 8 inch , G note for activating the Throat chakra , speaking your truth and opening the higher level hormonal centers. Only $ 999.00

2."He'i le o' lani Bowl"
Translation: held in the arms of heaven. This Morganite bowl is about divine love, attracting love, keeping love, self love love,, love , love . It empowers you to choose what you love & live from the heart. In a 10 inch , F# note, which activate the heart center. Only $1,199.00

3. "Nani bowl", Translation: enjoyable; to enjoy
This rare metal Titanium bowl activates joy, humor & relaxation . Also wonderful for increased vitality & endurance. In a 8 inch , D# , 3rd octave with Flower of Life emblem! This is truly one of a kind bowl , you will not see another like it. The D# for enhancing creativity, passion and stamina are healthy & vibrant. $1,499.00

4. Rainbow Unicorn bowl
Capturing the rainbows of magical Kauai with the sacredness & playfulness of the unicorn realm, this bowl activates Unity consciousness. The F note, opens & balances the heart chakra, allowing new level of love vibrations to flow in your life , work and relationships. 6 inch size Only $540.00

5. Violet Flame Bowl
This bowl captures the violet flame of transmutation, transmuting any procrastination, negativity, old patterns, old habits, and anything no longer serving you. 7 inch size, A# Activating the third eye and intuition. Only $590.00

6. Chakra Healing Wands
Coming in a few varieties, clear quartz crystal, opalite, and rose quartz. Sometimes with the Merkahba Activation at the top of the wand. Use to balance your chakras, clearing & cleansing your home, office, or car. These wands have been activated with the sacred sounds ceremony we do on Kauai. Prices $65 - $75 (For a Limited Time Only)
Others we offer : Opal gemstone, Sapphire gemstone, Practitioner in Blue, Red /root bowl, Purple/Crown bowl, rare GOLD.......

We have 8 other types of bowl in stock , feel free to call , email or text to check current availability Or let us
know what type of bowl you are looking for .

We started offering crystal bowls to others to uplift Humanity.

Our bowls have been activated with the unique vibrational frequencies of Mother Kauai before they are delivered to your loving home.


Our retreats are a profound opportunity to delve deeper into your understanding of the Crystalline energy, how to allow it to bring your body, home, neighborhood and the world into balance & harmony.

DEC 31st ; Kauai Retreat

FEB 9th ; Scottsdale, AZ Retreat

Now Is The Time, to get the crystal bowl of your dreams!!
Thank you for being a part of our community, and sharing your special light.
Love & Light
Diane Cline, RYT
Cell 1-480-244-7676