Larimar Love Collection

Larimar Necklaces by Steve Reid, MBA

Larimar, a rare gemstone from the Dominican Republic ( island of Hispaniola) is know to harmonize the body & soul and encapsulates the wisdom of Lemuria, as well as connecting with the Divine Feminine within. Larimar is an active throat chakra crystal that has a vibration that assists with clear communication. It is known to soothe and heal your emotions and release stress. It can also release negative stored emotions. It’s vibration also helps you to communicate with clarity , and because of its heart based energy it helps you to speak your emotions clearly . It supports a state of confident well being & relaxed knowledge of one’s abilities. These exquisite larimar necklaces are handcrafted by mother Nature in the Dominican Republic, then placed in perfect settings by Steve. Each one is an an original, like you.

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