Heart of Sound: Crystal Singing Bowls

Join Diane Cline, RYT, for a special afternoon of alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

An Evening of Sacred Sound

Enjoy this 3 part event to learn about a technology to assist you in making life changes, and:

  • Experience playing with the bowls yourself.
  • Enjoy laying on your back as a bowl is placed on your body along with over 9+ crystal bowls playing in a symphony, releasing any patterns or stress from your life (and your body) weighing you down.  Literally feel lighter, brighter and a new level of peace after the experience.
  • Order a custom bowl and continue your experience at home!

Diane-heart-of-sound-pic-2015-300x224Studies show that sound healing can stimulate endorphins, relieve pain, lower blood pressure, increase circulation, strengthen the immune system and reduce stress hormones.

“I felt like I was levitating the whole time!”
~Joe, San Diego (recent attendee)

Weekly Event

WHEN:  Every Tuesday – 4:00-5:00pm *( 3:45pm check-in )*

WHERE:  Pono Kai Resort in Kapaa (Kauai, HI).

Registration Details

Pre-Register Now!

  • $20 / person
  • Limited seating, up to 12 People
  • Bring a pillow!

Call 1-(480) 244-7676 or send and email via the Contact page.