December Newsletter

Aloha Friends

I want to thank you for being a part of my community & for shining your special Light in your part of the world. The holiday season and winter solstice is a wonderful time for sharing peace , gratitude and love. It is also a time for going inward and asking your soul "what is needed now "? Also, asking for the collective conscious , "what is needed now "?

In this time of transition, we can INVOKE the Violet flame of transmutation ( given to humanity by St Germain ) which clears any lower vibration, negativity or disruption of the Highest good. I have included a video that actually shows the Violet ray ( while I am on the Na Pali coast in August 2012). You may want to watch this short video 3x , so you have an "activation" of this ray , which empowers you to use it.

An example of using this tool would be : perhaps you are in a conversation with someone and they are becoming negative. Rather than pushing/resisting the energy , you can silently Invoke the Violet flame of Transmutation asking that any negativity, false thoughts or misperceptions be banished from that person. So you invoke it silently and hold the frequency. You can use this for one on one, group or entire nations.

Let's Focus on a few other
Daily Techniques that support YOU :

1. 10 deep breaths a day ( easy to do while you are waiting in line )
2. Your daily meditation for 11 minutes a day
3. Chant in your car while driving "Let Go ,Let God "
4. Invoking the Violet flame when needed
5. Using your andara crystal or new "chakra healing wand " to directly connect & also either energize you or de-stress ( whichever is needed ).

Those of you that have been on retreats with me have already learned these tools, but they are great reminders to practice them. One of the Hawaiian philosophies is "Fill your own cup first ". That means take the time to nourish & nurture yourself & your soul , so you can uplift yourself & others.

If you are feeling you are ready for a new meditation , or have any questions on meditation, kundalini yoga or sound healing, please feel free to email me :

Click below to view the video!

Sincere thanks to the Sisters in Divine who joined us August thru October for : Big Island Retreat, Kauai retreat & Scottsdale retreat ! You were all such an embodiment of light & love and it was an absolute pleasure to share with all of you!


New Years eve - that wonderful opening for
New Beginnings , join us :
DEC 31st ; Kauai Retreat

Scottsdale, AZ
FEB 9th ; Scottsdale ; AZ Retreat

I encourage you to connect with Source daily , spend time in nature daily , use your long deep breathing & Crystal singing bowls ( or the cd of the sound healing ) and UPLIFT yourself . You are an Angel of Light, thank you for sharing your Light with the world.
Peace on Earth,
Guru Purkh Kaur
Diane Cline