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An Instrument for Healing, Meditation, Clarity & Co-Creating Your Life!

Your Own Crystal Bowl!

Clinical studies have proven sound healing stimulates endorphins, relieves pain, lowers blood pressure, increases circulation, strengthens the immune system, can synchronize brain hemispheres and reduce stress hormones.

Yoga Inspirations offers a large selection of high quality crystal and gemstone singing bowls . Each bowl is totally unique and an instrument for healing, meditation, clarity and co-creating Your life!

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The quartz crystals in our crystal singing bowls…

…store, amplify, focus, transfer and transmute energy. I personally, Diane Cline have given Crystal bowl “alchemy” to over 2,000 people and can share 2,000 stories of people receiving the immediate shift that their body/psyche/emotions needed at that session. If they had anxiety, they would say they could “breathe again”, if they had neck pain, they would say their “neck pain was gone “, if they had a closed heart chakra from a divorce, they would say they felt their “ heart chakra open up”, a woman who could not bend her knee to sit easy cross legged at the beginning, by the end of her session could bend her knee!

I have 1,996 more personal accounts, like above, showing the transformation that comes from having a Crystal Singing bowl session and/or your own bowls.

When you begin to play your own bowl, you have entered music therapy. The opportunity to reduce stress , pain, and promote self awareness, creativity, shift perceptions and empower yourself!

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